About Coach Greg Adams

Youtube personality, podcaster and author.

CGA has never feared challenges in his personal life or in business.

Having survived living in his car and having major career setbacks, he has bounced back to become an award winning public speaker with Toastmasters International. He previously worked as a college basketball coach for more than 16 years, a certified strength coach and a real estate agent.

Free Agent Lifestyle Podcast

The story of Greg's rough transition from the coaching business to starting a training business from the ground up, includes a six month stint of homelessness and living in his car, as well his divorce and fight for his children. The podcast also includes interviews with other entrepreneurs and their personal stories of sacrifices, loss and ultimate triumph.


Greg operates six YouTube Channel's including: Coach Greg Adams, Monkey Simpanzee, Free Agent Lifestyle, AskCoachGregAdams and Adams Fit System. His channels have a combined 140,000 subscribers and over 30 millions views.

Adams Fit System

Greg Adams is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist/Fitness Trainer in Newport Beach, California, specializing in strength training, weight loss, athletic speed and quickness development, and balance/core techniques. Prior to working in fitness, Greg was a former college and high school basketball coach and had coached at every level except professional.