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What's holding you back from getting what you want?

Message from Coach Greg Adams

What is this lifestyle about?


This coaching program is a 90-day life coaching experience led by Free Agent Lifestyle author and podcaster Coach Greg Adams. The first eight-weeks will be focused on the Areas Of Attack (see below). The last four-weeks will be centered around following through on areas of strength and zeroing in on improving the limitations. Together, we will use email and text communication to fine tune this areas and a weekly phone/Skype session to deliver all the details live. Check out the Areas Of Attack below and get ready to take your life's focus to the next level.


Time Blocking: Managing Time

Prioritize Your Time via time blocking methods. Every activity has its place and scheduling everything as an appointment will ensure that it gets done and that your time is being used wisely.

Creating Your Vision

Document your life before it happen. The laws of attraction is real and we will use vision boarding, visualization, goal setting and executing to help attract the life that you want.

Prioritizing Your Life and Fun

Give back to yourself and pursue goals and hobbies. Master traveling, personal interests, and attract like-minded people. ​

Prioritize Your Health

Start a fitness programs, manage it and stick to it! Let's also look at meal planning and prepping options, managing your weight​ and staying at the peak of your game. ​

Are Relationships for You?

For many men, bad relationships have been the biggest limiting factor and distraction in their lives. Together we will discover the healthiest option for you in balancing the other areas of your life.

F.I.R.E - Get Yo' Money Right

F.I.R.E = Financial-Independence-Retire-Early. We will look at the art of networking, building your team, ways to start and incorporate a business, creating secondary income streams by monetizing your skillsets, budgeting via spreadsheets to put more money in your pocket.

Coaching Calls

  • Six bi-weekly, 30 minutes coaching calls (phone or Skype).
  • Email and text communication
  • Receive a FREE copy of the Free Agent Lifestyle Book
  • Receive a FREE t-shirt “Free Agent Lifestyle”

The Visions

This pilot program is designed to be a maximum of 90-days to ensure you get the results that you deliever. For package details and special savings, please apply by filling out the application below. I will be working with up to 10 persons during each 90-day period so a full-commitment is necessary.

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